Support and guidance are given to every candidate working with City Wharf, making what can prove a frustrating, endless process a worry-free, and ultimately successful, journey to their dream role. Our broad range of clients offer exciting opportunities with excellent long-term prospects and career progression, as well as roles of a freelance and interim nature.

Typical Roles

Equities (Associate to Managing Director) - Analyst, Sales, Sales Trading, Trading, Prime Brokerage, Equity Derivatives, Structured Product Solutions.

Fixed Income (Associate to Managing Director) – Research, Sales, Trading (ABS, HY, Loans CBO/CMOs, Convertibles, Cross Structured Products, Securities Lending.

Derivatives /Commodities – FX/MM Sales, Multi-Cross Products Sales, Energy Brokers, Interest Rates Swaps Sales, Business Development Executives, Futures & Options Sales, TRS Trader, Derivatives Trader, Platform Sales Executive, Algo and Quants Trader and many more derivatives roles.

Investment Banking & Private Equity - Corporate Finance (M & A), Equity Capital Markets; Debt Capital Markets (debt advisory/restructuring, leveraged finance), Corporate Broking.

Buy side - Investment Analyst, Portfolio Manager, ETF Analyst, Quants Analyst / Trader, Hedge Fund Trader, Fund Manager, etc.

We are renowned for our ability to find roles, candidates are perfectly matched for and which you will relish, City Wharf only broach suitable vacancies with those candidates seeking their next front office challenge - roles that they will enjoy, that make best use of their specific skills and attributes within the parameters they describe, and which deliver the remuneration and benefits they seek.

Should you be unsure in your choice of career, City Wharf consultants can advise you on your options and alternative roles and disciplines, and help you determine what your next challenge should be. Confidential, effective and committed, the team at City Wharf will exercise their in-depth knowledge of the financial industry and their clients to not only ensure you secure your dream role, but that the process is enjoyable too.

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