If you are a top performer in Equities, Fixed Income or Structured Products whether it be on the sell side or buy side and looking for your next career move then you should be speaking with us.

Support and guidance is given to every individual working with City Wharf Recruitment, making what can prove a frustrating, endless process a worry-free, and ultimately successful, journey to your dream role. Our broad range of clients offer exciting opportunities with long-term career prospects.

We are renowned for our ability to find the perfect match for candidates and our clients. Our expert consultants in Equities, Fixed Income and Structured Products listen very carefully to what’s important to you in your next career move; so you can utilise your specific skills and attributes to the role, ensuring we deliver the ideal institution, culture, team fit, financial package and career path you have been looking for.

Our expert consultants will advise you on your options and alternative roles and disciplines open to you, and help you determine what your next challenge should be. Confidential, capable and committed, the team at City Wharf Recruitment will exercise their in-depth knowledge of the financial markets to ensure you secure the ultimate role you have been searching for and make sure the process is enjoyable too.

My experience with City Wharf Recruitment has been fantastic. The consultant I dealt with has been very professional and personable and has helped me secure a great job. I would recommend them to anyone.”
Fixed Income Sales Executive (Candidate)

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