Highly skilled top performers are usually well looked by their current employer, so they are settled, financially rewarded and being promoted on an attractive career path; so unlikely to be scanning the market for new employment opportunities. So to attract such top performers in Equities, Fixed Income or Structured Products, they will need to be approached the right way, directed and encouraged into a discussion. Through our unique retain assignment method we identify and attract the very best individuals in the market to ensure these high performers meet your expectations and deliver on your objectives and targets without fail.
Retained Assignments 
City Wharf Recruitment, understand the cost and implications of making bad hiring decisions which put's extra stress and strain on the business and specific departments. So we have developed our retained assignment solution process to ensure you have the very best market insight and intelligence mapping out the market to source the highest calibre candidates so that you can make the right decision, every time.

Working in partnership with City Wharf Recruitment, we will ensure that you have full control every step of the way about the message being communicated to the market and that you gain access to the “off the radar” talent pool in your specific market. Whether it be Equities, Fixed income or Structured Products, our work allows you a greater choice of candidates than through other traditional hiring processes.

Process of a Retained Assignment
  • Clearly understand your expectations, culture, existing team and exactly what you need in the candidate that will tick all your boxes so you can build a bigger and better business in the future
  • Review previous challenges you have faced when trying to attract high calibre candidates and together how we can maximise a much better response.
  • We will identify the best candidates and gain their confidence to ensure they commit to meeting with you.
  • You will have a dedicated expert consultant focused explicitly on your hiring needs, without distraction, to ensure that every capable candidate is mapped out for you.
  • Candidates generated during your retained search; will remain exclusive to your process, reducing the competition for this talent.
  • We will work closely with you on time scales, objectives and goals you have in mind for these hires.
  • To ensure no stone is left unturned, we will also feature the role on our website, which is then linked to several online advertising portals. The process is specifically designed to maximise and gain the best results for you as a client.
I’ve worked very closely with the consultants at City Wharf Recruitment. We’re focused on human capital; people are the only real asset we have. The consultants understood both our business and our needs, and they were extremely useful when approaching the right profiles. They think outside the box and delivered great candidates.”
CEO of a top tier city based investment bank
Contingency Assignments
For clients unable to commit to stage payments, we are still able to work with you on a contingency basis and get paid only if we fill the role. We will search our existing candidate database, use our open network and source active candidates via various portals, load onto our website and call up our short list we have selected for you. However, it is not as extensive or rigorous as a retained assignment.
It was a pleasure working with City Wharf Recruitment when finding my next career move. They understand the importance of communication between all parties and ensure you have the full picture before the interview. They know the importance of how the role would fit your personality to ensure you have the best chance to succeed.”
Global Securities Finance Equity Originator (Candidate)

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