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When it comes to finding new opportunities within the financial sector, there is no denying that spring is the time to act. The start of a new fiscal year, with bonuses having been

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Financial Firms Need To Recruit Leaders: A Role For You?

While the recruitment process for firms is mainly focused on filling a current gap in their workforce, progressive companies are looking to recruit leaders. Therefore, firms want to bring in an employee who can fill their current needs and who will also have the potential to grow and develop within the company. Well, at least the more progressive firms in the financial sector are trying to develop a future-focus to their recruitment efforts and if this is what more firms are doing, candidates should look to adapt to this process.

It is therefore essential that firms determine what constitutes the qualities and specific competencies they look for in a leader. The company then needs to determine how many of these skills and attributes they need a candidate to show. The firm’s training and development programs should help to create future managers and leaders, but most recruitment teams would agree that some people are naturally inclined to become effective leaders over time.

Firms want to employ people for the present day and the future

Forward planning should be at the heart of the recruitment process for a firm, and while each firm is unique, there will be certain elements that can be applied across the board. At City Wharf Financial Recruitment, we have worked with many companies, and this has provided insight into what firms are looking for when it comes to a leader. Therefore, we are well placed to help candidates prepare for interviews and application processes when they want to show that they have leadership qualities.

Do you know what makes a good leader?

While each firm will have their own ideas on what identifies a good leader, the following characteristics are all of benefit and interest:

  1. Honesty and integrity
  2. Confidence in their actions and thought process
  3. Having the ability to inspire others
  4. Being able to communicate in a clear manner so instructions are understood
  5. Being committed and showing passion
  6. Being willing to be held accountable
  7. Having the ability to make a decision and then follow it through
  8. Being able to delegate work and empower others
  9. Having an empathetic side

Some firms will hold some of these values to a higher level than others, but there is no denying that these are aspects that mark people out as a leader. You will find that people are more willing to follow individuals who can display these characteristics than people who cannot.

With some parts of the recruitment process becoming more automated, it is likely that firms will ask questions that will test whether an individual has the above characteristics. It is vital that candidates understand the importance of these characteristics and of the questions that determine what a firm thinks of a candidate.

If you’re looking for a financial recruitment role and you want to show that you hold leadership qualities, come and speak with City Wharf Financial Recruitment. We are financial recruitment specialists and we have brought many people and roles together.


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