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There is no denying that the threat of Brexit and its impact on the financial sector is a concern for many people and businesses these days. Many threats have been made about leavi

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Anyone looking for a new role is advised to carry out research into the job market and consider the prospect for success. Hopefully you will choose a role that interests you and that you have skills and passion for, but when it comes to finding a career, you need to make sure that you opt for something that will help you generate income and develop a career path.

While many people have looked on the banking sector as being a fantastic way to develop their career, recent figures provided by the Financial Times makes for slightly concerning reading. The paper detailed that obtaining a job in the financial services sector is challenging and that the success rate for candidates is normally less than 1%.


As an example, they cite Deutsche Bank, a company that offers 610 graduate jobs but who received 110,000 applications in 2018. For Citi, they offer 575 jobs and the received over 60,000 applications. Morgan Stanley are able to offer 1,000 internships but they receive 100,000 applications a year. There is a considerable level of competition in the market and it is understandable that many people feel as though this is a challenge they will not overcome.

However, there are ways you can improve your chances, particularly if you are looking for a front office job. Front office jobs are in significant demand because they often pay the most. This inevitably leads to a higher volume of applications being submitted for these roles but because people see the finances on offer, they may apply when this isn’t a role that is right for them.

Yes, there is a high volume of applications made for front office banking jobs, but a sizable proportion of these applications are made by people who are unsuitable for the role. As there is a higher remuneration package on offer with these jobs, it is inevitable that many people want to work in this area, but a lot of applications will be removed from the process very early on.


If you have an interest in this area of banking and you believe it is something that you will be able to excel in, it makes sense to apply for roles. Of course, you want to ensure that potential employers see your talent and merit, and therefore, it makes sense to call on the support of a skilled and experienced financial recruitment specialist.

At City Wharf Financial Recruitment, we are specialists in front office banking jobs and jobs pertaining to the financial markets. Our reputation means that many firms, including some of the largest names in the sector, rely on us to help them find the ideal candidate for their business. If a company is receiving tens of thousands, if not more, applications, they want help in filtering out the right candidates from the rest, and we have helped many bring many people and businesses together.

If you are looking for the best front office banking jobs, or you want assistance in obtaining a job in this sector, contact City Wharf Financial Recruitment and we will be happy to help.

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