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Importance of Mobile Assessment In Financial Recruitment

A quick look around you while you were stood outside or while you were on public transport would confirm or reinforce the overpowering presence of smartphones in the present day. Many people now consider their phone to be a natural extension of their arm, and it is only natural that people want to use their smartphone device as much as possible. Therefore, firms should look to tap into the comfort and constant presence of these devices, and when it comes to financial recruitment, mobile assessment is set to become hugely popular.

Okay, the current statistics don’t confirm this with some studies stating that mobile assessment is only used by around 7% of recruiters and by people operating in the recruitment sector right now. However, as technology improves and the confidence of businesses using mobile assessment catches up with the confidence of users, it is expected that mobile assessment will become commonplace.

Companies want to connect with candidates at a faster rate

This makes sense. After all, with people being close to their phone, it provides companies with an opportunity to connect with applicants and candidates quickly and easily. This saves time, which firms are always looking to benefit from, but the use of mobile assessment programs will help to save money and could even normalise or improve results for a firm. These are the outcomes that will drive change in the recruitment sector and firms must be ready to change too.

Candidates also need to be aware that mobile assessment will become more commonplace in the future but given the assurance that many people have when using their phone, candidates and applicants will have a stronger starting position with respect to mobile assessment.

Companies want answers from candidates that reflect on the person

As of 2018, the use of chatbots and messengers are on the increase when it comes to the recruitment process. This software allows companies to find out about candidates and it helps to weed out unsuitable candidates at an early stage of the process. If the chatbot system is worded correctly, the answers will be illuminating about the candidate and their suitability; allowing firms to get to the interview stage at a quicker pace.

Over time, the interview stage may be conducted on mobile devices but for now, it is likely that most firms will want to retain a human involvement with recruitment. The confidence in AI isn’t quite present yet to allow it to take complete control over the recruitment process but it can make a significant difference in finding the right candidate.

For firms, the fact that mobile assessment will speed up the recruitment process without harming the quality of applicants being put through to the end phase is crucial. For candidates, many people will feel more confident about using their mobile phone as part of the recruitment process, but there will be a need for people to be aware that this is a business activity and not a leisure activity.

With mobile assessment option bringing benefits to firms and candidates, the growing importance of mobile assessments cannot be overlooked. If you’re looking to stay in touch with the latest financial recruitment trends, stay in touch with City Wharf Financial Recruitment.

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