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Working in the front office is a highly pressured position and some people thrive on this pressure while others would prefer to avoid it. However, even people who love the cut and

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When it comes to finding new opportunities within the financial sector, there is no denying that spring is the time to act. The start of a new fiscal year, with bonuses having been paid and recruitment budgets approved, is often a busy time of year for many financial institutions. Given the importance of front office roles there is a real desire to fill these openings as early on as possible.

Cynical people may point to the fact that companies are keen to only pay bonuses for as much work undertaken as possible, hence why they would prefer to recruit in April as opposed to January or February, but it is a valid reason for some organisations. At City Wharf Financial Recruitment, we understand the thought process of many organisations, and we know why certain times of the year see companies being proactive.


Of course, with firms looking to recruit, it makes sense for candidates to be ready. One of the reasons City Wharf Financial Recruitment is regarded as a leader in front office recruitment is because of its ability to source and bring candidates and clients together in the most effective manner.

With many organisations looking for front office employees, it can be difficult for some organisations to stand out from the crowd. The companies with a larger name and ability to pay higher wages understandably appeal most to individuals, but we appreciate that there are candidates for every role. At City Wharf Financial Recruitment, we believe that providing people who are a cultural fit as well as being skilled for a certain role is essential, and therefore, organisations rely on us to deliver the ideal candidate.


We also take the same approach to assisting candidates. With this being a highly competitive time of year, candidates with a strong CV will feel confident about their chances of finding a lucrative role, but many candidates have more to offer than a strong working career to date. The right candidate for a front office role is often about personality, an ability to represent a company in the best manner and work with others to achieve success.

In a crowded market place, some organisations don’t feel they have the time to consider these aspects, focusing on CV and experience, hoping for the best. This is not how we operate. In fact, we can pre-select or shortlist applicants if required, we can interview candidates and we are more than happy to screen CVs, all with the intention of bringing the right candidate together with the right organisation.

April 2018 is going to be an extremely busy time with respect to front office recruitment, which is why it makes sense to call on the experts for support. Whether you are a candidate or organisation, call on City Wharf Financial Recruitment and we will do our best to help you set up for a successful year.

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