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If you are looking to be a front office team member, it is important to know what sort of person employers look to hire. They want to find an experienced and qualified person but equally, they also want to find someone who can handle the pressure and nature of the role. If you are looking to find this role, make sure you know what type of person a front office needs.


It is fair to say that most front office professionals are highly motivated and driven. It is good to have a goal that ensures you work hard and always strive for more. For some people, the goal is work related such as making sales or reaching targets. For other people, the goal is related to how work helps them enjoy their life outside of work or allows them to make more of their free time.

Every professional is different, but it is vital that front office personnel have a reason to keep showing up and working as hard as they possibly can.


When you are in the front office, you deal with clients and you must close deals. This is a basic component of the job and it doesn’t matter how good you are with every other aspect of the job, if you don’t have the ability to seal the deal or create an agreement, you won’t be suitable for the front office.

There will be some people who are natural at negotiating and concluding deals, but it is a skill and trait that can be developed. If you believe you have all the other requirements required to be a front office professional but you need assistance in sealing deals, be mindful that there is plenty of help on offer to improve this matter, but the sooner you develop this skill, the better.


One trait that is essential for front office employees that isn’t always discussed is the ability to bounce back. Not many people like to talk about failure but even the best front office personnel have days where they struggle to achieve their goals. This is disappointing, but it doesn’t need to be disastrous. In fact, it is how you bounce back from a near miss or a failure that will often dictate your long-term development in the role.

If you crumble or become depressed after something doesn’t go your way, you will find a front office role to be challenging. Some of the best front office staff aren’t the most skilled or the people with the most charm, they are the people who bounce back after a setback without letting it affect them. If you can put a negative behind you and press on with the next challenge, you will find that a front office role isn’t beyond your capabilities.


As a front office member, there will be times when the responsibility falls on you. You are the person dealing with the client or taking direct orders from management, so this is a hugely significant role. However, you are still a team player and you need help from other people. The role of back office and middle office members is to assist the team and their research can help you be at your best.

Revel in the pressure of the role and use it to drive you on in your dealings but remember that you are a team player who cannot achieve success by yourself.

All these aspects are important for front office team members. If you need assistance in finding the best person for your team, contact City Wharf Financial Recruitment. We are recruitment specialists that will help you find the best people for your team.

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