Whether you are a candidate looking for your ideal role or you are a financial organisation keen to bring in the perfect front office staff member that will develop your business. You will find that calling on the assistance of our skilled and experienced recruitment specialists will minimise your time, effort and money associated with taking this next step.

As a specialist company with a focus in front office recruitment, we are the ideal choice for candidates or firms with an interest in this area. We immerse ourselves in the culture of the sector and we remain fully informed of industry changes.

We Support Candidates and Organisations

At City Wharf Financial Recruitment, we know what candidates and organisations need and we spend time with both clients and candidates to ensure that we appreciate what you require. It is the bespoke approach to business that we offer which ensures you receive fantastic value and the highest level of support and assistance. We know that many candidates and firms are keen to ascend to the next level in business or with their career and we believe our support helps achieve these goals.

We have been operating in front office recruitment since 2004 and in this time, we have developed a powerful reputation as a reliable and dependable organisation. We are well known for placing the right candidate in the right role, we offer a dependable level of professionalism and we are committed to assisting our clients and candidates achieve a favourable outcome. We appreciate that recruitment efforts can cost a lot of time and money while requiring a considerable amount of effort but with our support, you can focus on other matters without compromising your endeavours.

We are delighted to say that we help fill a wide range of front office roles for our clients, and whether you are looking for the ideal front-office recruit for your team or you are looking to take the next step in your career, we are here to assist you. Below are just some of the areas we cover:

  • Equities (Associate to Managing Director) - Research, Sales, Sales Trading, Trading, Quants /Algo Traders, Prime Brokerage, Structured Product Solutions, Equity Derivatives.

  • Fixed Income (Associate to Managing Director) - Research, Sales, Sales Trading (eg ABS, HY, IG, CBO/CMOs, Convertibles / Multi-Cross Products.

  • Derivatives/Commodities - Energy Brokers, FX/MM Sales, Interest Rates Swaps, Business Development Executive, Futures & Options Sales, TRS Trader, Algo Trader, Derivatives Trader, Platform Sales Executive, and many more derivatives roles.

  • Investment Banking & Private Equity - Corporate Finance (M & A), Equity Capital Markets; Debt Capital Markets (debt advisory/restructuring, leveraged finance), Corporate Broking, Origination.

  • Buy-side - Investment Analyst, Portfolio Manager, ETF Analyst, Fund Manager, Quants Analyst, Trader and many more.

While we know the technical skills a candidate brings to a front office role are important, we appreciate that the right person also carries a range of other attributes that benefit the organisation. We take the time to get to know candidates and we place people with the appropriate business knowledge, ambition and drive into the right roles and organisations. Even amongst the highly skilled candidates we represent and support, not every person is right for every role or every organisation, and it is our skills that ensure we bring the right blend of candidate and role together to ensure the right outcome, so everyone benefits.

We provide people who are a good cultural fit for organisations and we aim to make the front office recruitment process as stress-free as we can, for all parties. We can pre-select or shortlist applicants if required, we can interview candidates and we are more than happy to screen CVs. We offer a range of bespoke services to our clients, and if you want peace of mind when it comes to front office recruitment, City Wharf Financial Recruitment is the organisation to trust (see our testimonials).

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